Friday, 3 May 2013

Mood & Memory Collage

For the Mood and Memory brief so far I have been working in 3D and created a 'House of Memory', I've also revisited my love for collage and played with the idea of creating characters made up of their surroundings.  On Tuesday I attended a group tutorial and the feedback from my tutor was that my collages shouted a bit too much Vogue/Fashion! which I totally agree on as that's where the material has come from, due to my love of fashion and how the models are portrayed in the magazines.

My tutor advised me to reconsider the integrity of the material a bit more and how it connects to the nature of the project, and how it will affect the overall look and feel of my collages.  It was very helpful and useful advice, and so I acted on it by getting into the Empire Exchange in Manchester, I love this place there are loads of old books and boxes of ephemera and old letters.

I really think reconsidering the material has helped.  Here are some collages I made since....