Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Curious Circus

I started working on a project entitled 'Curious Circus' in my own time as I want to focus more on improving my style and collage work as it has been neglected lately.  When I sent my work to my Guru she mentioned that I should consider adding texture and marks to my collage work to add depth etc, I found this feedback really useful and I am starting to explore this way of working.  

I am really interested in the idea of a Circus, as I think it can be any thing you want it to be.  I have started collecting imagery and have created a hand made book of imagery and circus themed characters.    After creating rough collages of imagery I began creating character, so far I have created the 'Fire King' and the 'Bird Juggler' who juggles her pet birds!.

Below are some images from my sketch book.

Below are some of the characters I have started to make.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Refugee Action Introduction - Friday 24th January.

On Friday I met with the adults and children who I will be working with during this project.  During the session we acted out a scenario based on a journey we have experienced in our life, the adults shared with us stories about their lives and things that they have endured which were very upsetting and  over touching.

The adults will be creating shadow puppets to visualise their stories and experiences with the addition of music that will be created in response to the stories and will be recorded before the final show.  During the session I also helped the children with drawing pictures, they really enjoyed it and I plan to think of a few activities that I can do with the children over the next few weeks such as mask and puppet making.

I am always keen to meet people from all walks of life as I think it opens up your mind to life and different cultures.  Friday most definitely opened up my eyes and put things into perspective.  The people I met had so much courage and strength and were a joy to work with.  I am really looking forward to the next session.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Light & Shadow Puppet Placement - Refugee Action, Manchester

Today I met with the Development Worker at Refugee Action based in Manchester as I will be volunteering on the creative project over the next few months.  I was really keen to get involved on this project as I am really interested in people and their life experiences, I also see art as a therapy myself and wanted to give something back to an organisation who really help other people in the community.

During the project I will be working with an artist, volunteers and individuals on the programme by making shadow puppets and bringing them to life with the help of a local drumming group.  My role will be to support the artist, facilitate with group meetings and help with making the puppets.  I will also have a chance to talk to the people within the group and find out about them.

I am really looking forward to getting started with this project and I think it will be a great experience.  I look forward to sharing some photographs of the puppets later on.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Major Project

Firstly Happy New Year!, I have been enjoying a short break and now I am ready to get cracking on my Major Project, it's really exciting and also mind blowing how I only have 4 months left of uni, time has flown by.  I am feeling really positive about this year, and want to really just enjoy this project and work hard. 

So we were issued a Proposal/Brief form to complete over the break to complete with our ideas, aims and thoughts, ever since then my mind has been buzzing with ideas, the first thing that came into my mind was a Theatre or Circus, as in my mind they can be anything you want them to be, filled with the weird and wonderful, the unknown, mysterious and maybe even scary!.

Throughout my journal I have been discussing the fascination with Memory & Curiosity within my own work, and I think connecting this into the idea of Circus or Theatre will be beautiful.  I am still really passionate about animating the things I make and have thought about making an I-Stop piece, however it's still early days.  I also personally feel that due to the increased use of ipads, tablets and smart phones that the idea of play, wonder and imagination have been hindered, and it is something I feel strongly about and would like to explore in my Major Project outcome.

When I thought about the idea of Theatre/Circus I instantly recalled watching Sarah Orenstein's 'Windows, Masks & Doors' - It's such an amazing creation, there was connections to memories from her childhood in their too, which was very humbling as this is another area of interest.

I plan to discuss my ideas with my tutors, then I plan to start researching, collecting and drawing.