Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Curious Circus

I started working on a project entitled 'Curious Circus' in my own time as I want to focus more on improving my style and collage work as it has been neglected lately.  When I sent my work to my Guru she mentioned that I should consider adding texture and marks to my collage work to add depth etc, I found this feedback really useful and I am starting to explore this way of working.  

I am really interested in the idea of a Circus, as I think it can be any thing you want it to be.  I have started collecting imagery and have created a hand made book of imagery and circus themed characters.    After creating rough collages of imagery I began creating character, so far I have created the 'Fire King' and the 'Bird Juggler' who juggles her pet birds!.

Below are some images from my sketch book.

Below are some of the characters I have started to make.

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