Thursday, 26 September 2013

Surgeon in progress!

I have finally got over a big creative block that I encountered the other day and I have been busy making the Surgeon for the Moral Consequences brief. I have tried to photograph him through the stages of making him.

He is rather ugly!.

I used a old china doll that I found in a charity shop for £2.00 and a cheap rubber Halloween mask.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moral Consequences - Visual Research

I have made a research book for the 'Moral Consequences' brief with notes and image references that I have been looking at, but I also wanted to share a few key influences on here..

Paula Rego - Nursery Rhymes

The illustrations are sinister and rather horrific! even though they are intended for children's fairytales!

Little Miss Muffet & Goosey Gander

Peter Strewell - Childrens Illustrator - A lot of red that suggests danger, uses primary colours and horror in his images.
I love the look of his work, they have a childhood element to them, they're faces are distorted which adds to the look of them.


Hopes, Fears & Opportunities

We recently had a get together in the studio and discussed our Hopes, Fear and Opportunities.  I found it really valuable to think about this and to begin thinking how I can overcome areas that appear difficult, and thinking of what I need to get done this semester to achieve these goals.

I thought about what I fear after graduating, the main thing would be going 'rusty' and not making much work due to having to work full time - I will have to think about balancing work and being creative. Another few things I fear is not being able to do what I love as a living, not selling work and not getting a good agent.  Although money does not motivate me, being able to eat and have a roof over my head is also important!, I hope I can find the right balance between the two to be able to earn and be creative!.

My hopes are to be working, making lots of work, be daring and through myself out there and have the confidence to approach industry contacts and talk about my work, and also have a strong style/theme in my work.  I also would love to progress onto working on a bigger scale such as dressing a set/scene, prop making and bringing my work to life so people can really be submerged in my work, for example being able to touch, sense and engage in the things I make.  I would also love to have a little space of my own, sharing a studio would be of interest too.

I know I have to keep making, and seek out opportunities by networking, making industry contact and just be true to myself as I think it's so important to not loose yourself by trying to please.  For example talking to a previous student at the Guru Night opened up an opportunity where I may be able to volunteer and gain some experience.  I really want to be more pro active this year and get my confidence up in my work and the themes/subject matter I incorporate in my work.  I think having a portfolio, business card and website will also make me feel confident as I can direct people to a place where my work is displayed professionally.

I will be focusing on four main aims this semester:

1 - I am aim to complete a work experience placement in a prop departmet

2 - I want to have completed  portfolio visits

3 - I would like to gain a better idea of a theme/subject matter for my FMP through writing my journal & presentation

4 - I hope to volunteer at a creative event and aim to network whilst I am there

I will be thinking more about listing objectives of how I will achieve the above and put together a plan of action.

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Horrors of Cosmetic Surgery!

Since I last posted about 'Moral Consequences' project I have developed subject matter a little and decided to show the horrors of cosmetic surgery in today's modern world.  I think it's a really interesting subject to explore, the cosmetic surgery is deemed to enhance and pro long beauty, but the outcome in some situations look monstrous! I thought this fits with the dark/sinister look of my work, I also want add a humorous element to it too.

I have made a female monster and added long hair, false eyelash (only has one eye) and red lipstick to give it the 'made up' look.

I also want to create a mad monster surgeon and a surgeon room.  I am currently researching suregeon rooms and alchemy as I want to make a medicine/spell cabinet to compliment the scene.

Edward Gorey - Childrens Book Illustrator

I have just bought 'Gashlycrumb Tinies' by Edward Gorey an American artist, His characteristic pen-and-ink drawings often depict vaguely unsettling narrative scenes in Victorian and Edwardian settings.  At first they seem innocent and playful but when you study the images a little longer, they are very dark and sinister.  The themes in his work is really relevant for the current project I am working on 'Moral Consequences'.  I also have a dark theme within my own work, another interesting element within his work is the connection between childhood innocence and fear.

Edward Gorey's website -

A meeting with a Guru!

I was very fortunate to meet Sam a recent Illustration graduate at a 'Guru' night held by our university.  I am so glad I had the opportunity as it has really inspired me more and opened doors to new ideas and opportunities.

Sam who I met with currently works as an Art Department Assistant for a Television Company based in Manchester, her role involves making props and mock objects to be used on set and as part of the scene setting.  Since I have a huge love for making things and creating worlds/invented persona's, this really triggered of possibilities that I had never thought about doing such as prop making, I am really keen to secure a voluntary placement within this area to gain some amazing experience!.  I hope to make contact with some prop houses around the Manchester area this semester, It would be a dream come true to be in a very making orientated environment.

I really enjoyed the Guru night, I also asked Sam about her experience during her degree at Stockport College, Sam explained how writing her journal was like a journey that led her to decide on the subject of her final major project, which I thought was really something in it's self, she also mentioned how important it is to just enjoy third year which I totally agree on as it goes so quickly!.  It was nice to relate to someone who has been through it all and knows how it feels.  I personally have thought more about grades than I have done in the previous 2 years, but as Sam mentioned, I just don't want to think about them! I think you get out what you put in.  Another really valuable point that Sam talked about was just getting yourself out there and seeking opportunities and just doing it, and trying not to worry!.

I walked away feeling reassured, very inspired and excited about third year!.

Friday, 13 September 2013

'Moral Consequences'

Over the summer break I have been working on 'Moral Consequences' project with an Authorstrator approach, as this is how I prefer to work.  The project aim is to visualise and tell, through narrative/stories-  how doing something bad can have a consequence and effect. 

I began researching visual imagery and thinking about fables, nursery rhymes and popular films I watched as a child such as 'Labyrinth' and 'Return to Oz' as they all had a bad character in the film who would do something as a consequence.  I have also been thinking about consequences related to the other areas in life such as bullying, breaking someones heart and the consequences that materialistic and cosmetic treatments can cause.

Being a fan of making in 3D, it's a natural route for me to explore, initially I made a house where each room is based around a different consequence, it was a good way for me to get some initial ideas together, however since returning to university and talking to my tutor I now feel that I want to push myself more and explore other mediums like Istop motion and photography/costume and bring it to life - some how!.

Quay Brothers are a massive influence, their work has a dark, sinister yet humorous feel.  The look of their animations is dark, raw and has a work feel to it that I like.  They used found objects like dolls head to add to the Surreal element which is really exciting.

Below is an image of my first character 'Bird Witch', the Bird Witch leads her henchbirds and keeps an eye (literally) on all those who pick and bully other people - If she catches you....

This is the Heart Stealer, he doesn't like heart breakers!

A few pictures of the amazing 'Quay Brothers'