Monday, 23 September 2013

The Horrors of Cosmetic Surgery!

Since I last posted about 'Moral Consequences' project I have developed subject matter a little and decided to show the horrors of cosmetic surgery in today's modern world.  I think it's a really interesting subject to explore, the cosmetic surgery is deemed to enhance and pro long beauty, but the outcome in some situations look monstrous! I thought this fits with the dark/sinister look of my work, I also want add a humorous element to it too.

I have made a female monster and added long hair, false eyelash (only has one eye) and red lipstick to give it the 'made up' look.

I also want to create a mad monster surgeon and a surgeon room.  I am currently researching suregeon rooms and alchemy as I want to make a medicine/spell cabinet to compliment the scene.

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