Friday, 13 September 2013

'Moral Consequences'

Over the summer break I have been working on 'Moral Consequences' project with an Authorstrator approach, as this is how I prefer to work.  The project aim is to visualise and tell, through narrative/stories-  how doing something bad can have a consequence and effect. 

I began researching visual imagery and thinking about fables, nursery rhymes and popular films I watched as a child such as 'Labyrinth' and 'Return to Oz' as they all had a bad character in the film who would do something as a consequence.  I have also been thinking about consequences related to the other areas in life such as bullying, breaking someones heart and the consequences that materialistic and cosmetic treatments can cause.

Being a fan of making in 3D, it's a natural route for me to explore, initially I made a house where each room is based around a different consequence, it was a good way for me to get some initial ideas together, however since returning to university and talking to my tutor I now feel that I want to push myself more and explore other mediums like Istop motion and photography/costume and bring it to life - some how!.

Quay Brothers are a massive influence, their work has a dark, sinister yet humorous feel.  The look of their animations is dark, raw and has a work feel to it that I like.  They used found objects like dolls head to add to the Surreal element which is really exciting.

Below is an image of my first character 'Bird Witch', the Bird Witch leads her henchbirds and keeps an eye (literally) on all those who pick and bully other people - If she catches you....

This is the Heart Stealer, he doesn't like heart breakers!

A few pictures of the amazing 'Quay Brothers'

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