Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Banshees are born!

All the characters for my I-Stop motion piece on 'Imaginary Beings' are finally finished!

My characters are as follows:

Leader of the Banshees - This creature is the most evil of them all and equally stupid! - It leads the other two Banshees into doing evil and silly things.

Banshee the 2nd and 3rd - These two Banshees are ruled by their leader, and do anything they are told to do!

Shird - Shird is creepy looking but harmless and is friends with Sorse

Sorse - body of a Horse and head of a Sun, This tame creature is warm, friendly and gentle and just wants to fly

Black cat - This silent cat likes to sit and watch in the creepy woods

All the creatures live in the 'Black Woods', The Banshees currently live in the Germanic Temple where they attempt to cast spells.

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