Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Reflecting on the 'Imaginary Beings' project so far..

My I-Stop filming for the 'Imaginary Being's' project on the 'Banshee' is now completed and it's time to begin editing using the After Effects software that I haven't used before.  It's been a massive learning curve that's really pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me over come various challenges along the way.

Looking back at doing I-Stop I can already identify better ways of working for future reference.  Firstly I would make all my characters in a similar size as it's much easier to film and ensure the scale is consistent when zooming in with the camera and moving the characters around the set, I also would take into consideration how I want the characters to move around the set and interact with one another, the characters I made this time had very limited limb/head movements which limited me to what I could make them do.  My characters for this project move in a crude/awkward manner, although I rather like it as it adds humour.

Another thing I would do differently would be to consider how my characters enter and leave the set, and how they move/angles etc as I very roughly made rough sketches of each scene but didn't consider how it would look to the audience and on camera.

So far I am pleased with the outcome and I've learnt alot, the Banshees are so sinnister and ugly that it is funny!, I normally create nice, playful characters so it's been a fresh change to try something different.

Below is one of the scenes that I am working on at the moment...

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