Friday, 19 October 2012

The Amazing Sarah Orstein...

What can I say!... This morning I was shown the magical and beautiful works of Sarah Orstein who is a Designer, Animator, and Moving Picture Maker currently based in New York City which is ironic as I am due to visit in New York in a few weeks!.

I literally was blown away her work, I am not entirely sure how she creates her work but I am very keen to find out.  She appears to use mixed media, combined with 3D and animation, whilst looking at her website which is available here, I recognised the British Gas advert straight away and I can recall falling in love with the look and feel and the characters/world she had brought to life as it's right down my street!

In particular I was most drawn to 'Windows, Masks & Doors' which is digital animation piece, obviously I love masks and I was just speechless whilst watching the animation.

I would like to make to contact with Sarah Orenstein in the near future and find out more about her influences and how she creates her work.  Below is some more of her spectacular work....

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