Monday, 12 November 2012

The Big Apple!

Wow! What can I say, I'm completely speechless (and jetlagged) from my trip to New York City in the United States of America.  I was totally blown away by how giant everything was, the sky-scraper buildings, the mile long avenues and streets, the crazy tangled underground system and the amazing people that I was very fortunate to meet during my stay.

It has been an experience I will never forget as long as I live.  Already, I feel like a different person from what I was exposed to.  It has defiantly been a great 'Sense of Place' experience.  The people were so friendly and helpful and made us feel so welcome.  Although we only had 4 days there, we crammed as much as we could! It was a fast moving action-packed four days!. 

I visited beautiful New Jersey which is just outside of NYC and also visited Illustrator Andre Da Loba at his Gallery in Brooklyn, there we also viewed the amazing workshop that Andre Da Loba shared with Joanna Dobrowski - Their workshop was full of wonderful handmade, quirky delights - I was in my element! What a great inspiration it was.  Andre Da Loba shared with us his industry experience and the beauty about what he said was how honest and down to earth he was, it was a humbling experience.

Other highlights included a trip to 'Strand Book Store' where I purchased a great book on Tribal Masks, Election antics at Times Square, Battery Park, attended a class with students at SVA, Soho, China Town and Statue of Liberty.  I really hope to go back as soon as possible as there are still lots of things I want to see and experience.  Below are some of my favourite photographs from my trip to the 'Big A'......

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