Friday, 22 March 2013

Art Therapy Placement

Today I began my Art Therapy Placement at the Meadows Community Hospital, the placement involves working with a small team of volunteers and nurses and also the Lead Occupational Therapist.

Today I worked with 4 patients who have been diagnosed with Dementia and helped them decorate large wooden garden posts with mosaic tiles and coloured glass pebbles, we started by creating patterns and then also wrote the name of the ward in mosaic tiles, once they are completed they will be fixed into the ground outside in the garden.  I found the session emotional to start with but once I settled in and got to know the patients a little I felt relaxed and found the experience very warming.

It was interesting talking to the patients and finding out about their lives.  The best thing was seeing how rewarding it was, for example some of the patients became really engaged in what they were doing and enjoyed doing something different.  I look forward to the next session where we will continue with the same activity and also discuss ideas for a new project.

Photographs to follow.

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