Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Here's one I made earlier ! (Blue Peter)

This year is flying by!, yesterday we had the choice of 3 briefs to choose from, instantly I was drawn to the making brief, the task is to come up with an idea that can be made on the children's series of Blue Peter.  It's a really exciting and open brief and already my mind is ticking away with ideas!.  This morning we met with Jane who has previously submitted an idea to Blue Peter to be used on the show.  I found the meeting really knowledgeable and it triggered of lots of ideas.

My first concern is that the idea will have been used previously, so I aim to do lots of research and try to be innovative and push the boundaries of instant ideas and try to explore them.  A great idea this morning was looking into historical and folk festivals and linking it into something that can be made and that is educational.  We can also just be playful and do something that is really fun.

I plan to research, research, research and brainstorm ideas, as well as collecting visual reference.  I think getting into budget shops and looking at different materials that are both affordable and accessible and how they can be used will be really beneficial too.

I have a love for stories, characters and worlds so already have thought about puppets, characters, houses or theatre/cinema.

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