Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Myself and Catherine hosted today's discussion forum on 'AMBITION' and discussed with our group what it means to us and also talked about the things that are connected to it.  The theme 'Ambition' is something that all of us have started to think about, especially as in just 4 weeks we will be progressing to Level 6, our final year!, it's very daunting and we start think about our practice as illustrators and also consider where we fit in to the industry.

We talked about the amazing 'Lord Whitney' and how they got to where they are, these things stood out to us...

  • Drive and passion, they never gave up!
  • Undertook loads of voluntary work
  • They know there strengths and where they lie in the market
  • They are able to come up with a visual concept for clients on briefs
  • They also have a unstoppable work ethic

We also discussed four areas such as...

  • Our own practice - how we work, ability to work on collaborative projects as well as using self initiative, identifying own strengths and weakness, having self belief
  • Technology - Up-skilling and being versatile, willing to try new things and take risks, apps and Ipads, how it alters illustration and the way we work
  • Marketing - being pro-active, blogs, twitter, voluntary, networking and standing out from the crowd and getting yourself known
  • Recession - Does it make the industry tougher or have we always had to work hard regardless?
The session was really enjoyable and the answers from others were informative and interesting.

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