Wednesday, 17 April 2013

House of Memory (Mood and Memory Brief)

Below are some images of my finished 'House of Memory' for the 'Mood and Memory' brief.  Initially I experimented with making collages of my fictional character and the environment and surroundings in which they lived in, naturally I progressed to making as it's just me!.  I decided to visualise a distorted memory of my fictional character.

I created a 'Persona Boudoir' where my character gets ready, alters her appearance and changes the way she looks, a 'Mirror Room' where my character years to see her reflection but she struggles, a key-memory room that consists of mis-match keys and vague messages and also a memory room that is lost in time but filled with distorted photographs.

The project leads me to question if she really did exist or was it a fragment of my memory?.  I plan to carry on creating a few more collages.

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