Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mirror Mask

I watched Jim Henson's 'Mirror Mask' yesterday, being a huge fan of Jim Henson's work (in particular Labyrinth) I was naturally drawn to this film.  Mirror Mask is a fantasy film about a girl Helena who feels trapped within the family circus, she draws characters and worlds to escape, however her drawings come to life when she is swept away into a surreal world.

The film gave me some great ideas for my current project 'Mood & Memory' as I am looking to explore dreams and reality and how they cross over with one another into every day to day life.  I also really appreciated how the film is made and the look it has, it's a combination of film, animation, drawing and mixed media.

Dave McKean was the Art Director for 'Mirror Mask' his work is also amazing. Here are some images from the film that I was most drawn to.  There were some beautiful ideas within the film like the mask shop, the clock singers and the small musical box.


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