Monday, 22 April 2013

PICK ME UP, London

On Friday I went to PICK ME UP Graphic Arts show at the amazing Somerset House in London.  I really enjoyed the event and feel super inspired to push myself more and more as I progress into Level 6.  Although I tend to work more in 3D and have a love for animation, it was refreshing to look at other styles and see work in different mediums.

I read an article on the illustrator Hattie Stewart who is big news at the moment, Hattie customises vintage Vogue and Playboy magazines with her quirky designs using pen and ink, she has a very unique style and it's grabbing alot of industry attention at the moment and she is getting commissioned and collaborating all over the place!.

For me, just seeing illustrators selling their artwork for a generous price inspired me to think about starting selling things I make and draw and trying out new things, it also has sparked lots more ambition in me.

I also bought a beautiful pattern book and 2 Valentino postcards that are amazing.

Below are some pictures I took during my visit...

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