Monday, 21 October 2013

Prop House Placement

It has already been four weeks since I started my placement with a Manchester based Prop House and I am still loving every minute!. I am constantly learning about new props and objects, what they were used for and  the context/history associated with them.  I am also beginning to gain a better understanding of arranging objects/props in a way that reflects the era/time.  Today's task was to completely re arrange all the bottles, jars, barrels, wooden utensils and kitchen props into a way that is easy on the eye, catching and logical in terms of colour, style and also to engage people when they are selecting their props. 

Due to the nature and feel of the objects I was working with, I aimed for a farmhouse kitchen feel and used false food to display in some of the props to show how it would appear on set.  I also got wine racks suspended from the walls to display some of the beautiful vintage wine bottles.

Below are some pictures, I didn't manage to get a before shot!, hopefully I shall remember next time.  It's been a great day, and a great feeling when you see the props come to life.

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