Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Polly Becker Assemblages

I really love Polly Becker's Assemblages that are created with found objects, children's toys, vintage paper cuttings and fabric.  They so intricate and beautiful, little narrative unfold in each composition.

Below are a few of my favourites....

Here is a link to Polly Becker's website.
I also looked at Polly Becker's Blog and read an interview she did with a French magazine Grandbag / Open Art Revue.  A really interesting read, I really liked this comment by Polly Becker:
''I think not fitting in has probably helped me, even though I am aware my work isn’t for everybody. Work that is odd might sometimes put people off, but can also be easier to notice and remember''.
It's nice reading that of someone who is practising and is making and selling work, It just shows that you should be true to yourself and your not work, and do what us natural, as I also like to 'go against the grain' as so to speak and make work that I want to, I don't want to conform or please, I just want to be true to myself and interests, and take the risk, not everyone likes everything!.
I also loved her definition of what Illustration means to her:
''I do! I notice that the word includes the root of the word for “light” –”luster” being like illumination (as in an illuminated manuscript). I love that: the idea that an illustrator might be trying to elucidate, shed light, or be lucid.''
Link to the interview here.

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