Monday, 17 February 2014

Mini Portfolio Review - Fig Taylor

Fig Taylor came into talks to us about portfolios and kindly sat down with us to look at our portfolios.  When I showed Fig my portfolio, she advised that she thought I have a distinctive style with a surreal feel to it and that she thinks I could apply it to high end women's fashion magazines and that I should look at Astrology, Horoscopes and Spiritual magazines for reference on the styles that feature in those magazines.  Making a mock up different horoscopes for my portfolio would also be a great idea and also improve my portfolio.

Fig also mentioned that separating my 3D work from my collage would be beneficial, she mentioned that I should continue with my 3D work but to bear in mind that it is labour intensive and could be tricky if the turnaround is quick or if I don't have lighting facilities to photograph my work in a high quality way.  It was really inspiring to hear someone say where your work could be used and has really inspired me to think about creating mock up horoscopes for my portfolios.

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