Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mixed Media Animation Research

I have started using a mixed media approach in my making and collage work as it adds depth, texture and mystery and it seems natural that I use this approach for my animation.  Thinking of animation that combines different mediums - Mirror Mask the film by Dave McKean springs to mind, a film about a girl who is bored of her life in the Circus and is swept away to another world.  I adore the film and the feel it evokes, I was left wandering what was real and what was not, as Kean combines drawing, photography, digital animation, textures, collage and real life actors to create a world and it is hard to decipher what is real - which adds to the magic of this film.

Below are some images from Mirror Mask (2005)

I also looked at the music video 'Black & White' by the Raveonettes, the films was created by Chris Do and uses Shadow Puppetry, silhouettes, drawings and digital techniques to evoke a monochrome spring, it's a beautiful video and again the viewer is left wondering which is what I would like my animation to evoke.

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