Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Robert Stewart Designer

I came across a book on Robert Stewart who is both an artist and designer (1946-1995).  The use of colour, faces and characters in his work grabbed my attention.  His work reminds me of Salvador Dali and there is a strong theme of theatre, mystery and alchemy.  As I approach the end of university the emphasis of thinking about how your work will be applied in the industry is greater than ever, and I need to think about how my work could be used as in the context, what could it be applied to? Cushions, Fashion or Children's books. 

I problem I have struggled with is bringing my work together into context at the end of the project, I have no problem generating ideas and work but I seem to open up projects so much that I struggle to bring it together, and this is something I need to start focusing on and over come as I emerge into the industry.  Below are some images of Robert Stewart's beautiful work and some examples of how he applies his work in a design context.


His work has also been applied to ceramics, tankard and his work has also featured in the Edinburgh Tapestry Company during the mid 1950's.

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