Thursday, 20 March 2014

Portfolio update (Pre London) March 2014

Today I finished updating my print portfolio in time for my trip to London next week.  Last month I was very lucky to meet with Fig Taylor who offered some really helpful advice, Fig mentioned that I should focus more on the collage work and to take out the hand drawn stuff as this really isn't where my strengths lie and I never draw by hand to create images so it makes sense.

Some of the work in my portfolio is from my first and second year and does not reflect how I am working now for my Major Project which is mainly collage based and I also add texture with pastels, acrylic ink and a little pen.

I like how my work looks at the moment so I have included a few images of my MP work, I am aware that the context is playful and colourful and I also want to demonstrate that I can reflect different contexts and moods in my work, so I have made two horoscope images and a Zoltar image as they are different in colour and tone.

Below are a few images I have used, I will update my portfolio when I get back from London and I am really looking forward to the feedback I receive.

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