Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bursting with Ideas!

Today has been packed with workshops, building ideas and a 'Project Proposal Crit'.

This morning we were introduced to the Illustrator programme, it really impressed me with what it can do as it's a vector based programme (non pixelated) which means it can create shapes in a precise manner, it's consistant and can be used with Photoshop and other mediums.  This will be a great tool for creating Masks and Faces so I can achive a symmetric look when creating images,  I also liked that I can enlarge images to a giant scale whilst still keeping the image quality.

In the afternoon we paid a visit to the woodwork department where anything 3D can be created from a range of materials using different machinery.  I've chosen the Banshee as my character and I want to use found objects from junk/charity shops and also natural materials such as branches and leaves to give a natural feel to the project.  I really look forward to next week, getting into the workshop and creating strange hybrid Banshees from my findings!.

Today wrapped up with a short 'Project Proposal Crit' where we discussed the character we had decided on and the world that it lived in, the narrative, the challenges, preparation and how we will plan our time in order to meet the project deadline.  It's nice to be more in control of our projects and to have more ownership as we will be working in this way more as we progress through 2nd year and into our final year.

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