Saturday, 8 September 2012

Inspire Me !

I wanted to share a few influences that have always interested and inspired me creatively..
I love playing cards, I love the limited colour pallet used of mainly black, white and red, I like how they are symmetrical, I love the style and feel of the Illustrations on them, I have already noticed that a lot of my work has been done using a limited colour pallet of red, black and white. I have started to collect them too!

Masks are mysterious, sinnister, playful, creepy, fun and surreall, they interest me a lot!
Dali has intrigued me ever since the Art Teacher at Secondary School showed us his work, I loved it and I love all things Surreal.

I also like a variety of patterns to use to create characters, buildings and objects, I experimented alot on the ‘Sense of Place’ project for Sinbad with Henna and Indian patterns, symbols also interest me which I have looked at quite recently for ‘Imaginary Beings’ project

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