Saturday, 8 September 2012

Beautiful Beaumaris

Here is a small selection of photographs I took when I went to Beaumaris, Wales over the summer break.  Beaumaris is a beautiful little seaside village that is packed with historical treasures and colourful houses!

During my stay I visited Beaumaris Castle, Penmon Priory and Beaumaris Prison, In particular Beamaris Castle was totally mind blowing as it dates back to 1295.  I’ve always had a great love of castles as they just fascinate me by how old they are and the way they were built.  I plan on viewing many more in the future!

As I love travelling and seeing new places I feel this is a great resource for future projects that involve creating a ’Persona’ or a ’Sense of Place’ as the more places I visit, the more I absorb and the more ideas and experiences I will have.  I also love to take photographs where ever I go, even if it’s just a small walk in the countryside, it’s great to have a varied and wide resource of photographs to use for texture, ideas or even backgrounds for projects.

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