Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Banshee!

One of my summer projects was to choose a character from the book ‘Imaginary Beings’ by C.S Lewis and create a sense of place on my character, the world it would exist in, the objects it would use and the people and creatures it would interact with, I decided to choose ‘The Banshee’ as it had a very mysterious, dark and interesting appeal, already my mind was full of ideas.

My previous sense of place projects normally have been sketch book based and so I decided to combine sketch book work with a persona feel to it.  So far I have been making a small witch-like altar, tarot cards, curious alchemy diagrams and pagan oddities, I am also trying to collect strange and wonderful bits as I go along. I am still deciding how I would like to portray ‘The Banshee’, maybe she is beautiful, maybe she is an old hag! or maybe she is a spirit…I shall post some photo’s on here soon.

This is the start of the project and I look forward to find out the next part which will be briefed back in the studio tomorrow.

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