Wednesday, 19 September 2012

'Dream of a Card Queen'

'Dream of a Card Queen' was a small summer project I did myself over the summer break.

It's about a girl who finds a secret book in a secret box in her back garden when she is a young girl,  The girl read the story a lot but stopped as she got older, the secret box along with the book is forgotten about until she turns into a young woman where strange things happen, she begins to see things or imagine them and her life begins the story within the book.  The story was written by the Card Queen herself who is trapped in a spell and the only way it can be broken is by the person who finds the book!

I had hoped for a better outcome as I was limited to location, props and quality of camera, but I like to see it as a learning curve and experimental play for future projects.  If I had the chance to revisit a project similar to this I would look to source a more suitable location, source better props, build more of a narrative and maybe introduce film.

Below are some of the photographs I took, The setting is at the Card Queens dressing table!

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