Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nikki Farquharson

I stumbled across Nikki Farquharson who is a graphic artist based in London, Illustration is her primary discipline,  I was drawn to her use of patterns and details that she uses throughout her work, and the way that she combines photography with hand drawn illustrations beautifully.  Her work has also been applied to various use in fashion magazines, beauty products and stationary etc.

Nikki's work is a great example of how illustrations can be applied to a variety of media and products across a variety of industries, This is something that my tutor has been discussing with us lately about having the ability to make, paint, print, sow etc as this will open the door to more opportunities when we graduate and progress into the industry.

Originally I mainly worked sketchbook based, that changed for me when we worked on the 'Persona' project where I really started making things and I loved it!, I also would like to learn I-Stop, animation and stitching/print as I like to be versatile and experiment.

Here is some of Nikki Farquharson's fabulous work (source -

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