Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sunshine, Hearts & Imaginary Beings

With first year done and dusted it’s time to give the pencils a rest and enjoy the summer break…not for too long though!

I’m already looking forward to helping out at the ‘GROW’ degree show in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and I am already bursting with ideas for the two summer projects ‘Narrative Sequence’ and ‘Imaginery Beings’.

In addition to the above I decided that I would like to set my own little project, and have decided on ‘Dream of the Card Queen’ as a starting point.  I really enjoyed the ‘Persona’ project in the first year and loved how free the project was.

The project is about a girl who has reoccurring dreams about a story she read when she was little and without her realising the story and her dreams collide and begin to appear in her everyday life, the story then becomes her life.

It’s still in early stages and I am still researching ideas and busy finding anything red and heart shaped for props!…I will get some pictures on here very soon.
I also hope to get out and about and take some creative pictures of my travels and get back to basics with drawing and experimenting with line, shape and texture.

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