Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gay Straight Alliance Project

Today we started work on the 'Gay Straight Alliance' project.  We met with two representatives from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation to discuss the brief and ask any relevant questions.  The project aim is to produce a A5 image to show a prejudice, sterotype or homophobic attitude towards people in LBGT community.  Our research will be gathered on Friday when we meet with a group of young learners and ask questions on regarding their views on the sterotypes of people in the LGBT community.

Between today and Friday I will be working on devising a serious of open questions that I can ask in a group capacity and I will work with another student to share the task of questioning and note taking.  I will also put together a questionaire and will think about approaching other learners from different subjects and age ranges in order to gain a wider scope of research.

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