Saturday, 15 December 2012

GSA Project Research

Following on from the brief for Gay Straight Alliance I decided upon a number of things to do as part of my research for the project,

Asking Questions - I put together a small amount of questions that I can ask people about their views, opinions and perceptions about Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transsexual individuals to help aid my illustrations and obviously give me some content to work with.

Group Crit - Everyone who is working on this project have been meeting in the studio and sharing ideas and also feeding back on their findings, We also put together lists for all categories and stated the attributes, perceptions and things associated with that stereotype.

Drawing, drawing and drawing! - I've been pretty much scribbling very rough ideas down on paper and brainstorming ideas that I have come up with.  I also looked at Gingerbread Men as I think there is a strong metaphor with the way in which they are moulded and decorated/sexed which is similar to the way humans are.

Below are some examples of my very rough ideas so far...

Yesterday we met with our client from GSA and I talked them through my ideas, they were drawn to the Gingerbread Men and Mr Gay Buns idea, they thought that it communicated the message well.  My plan is to   decide if I am going to make or draw the Gingerbread Men, and also begin drawing Mr Gay Buns and the Recipe!, I thought about using a style similar to food graphics and advertisements from the 1950s as they are light hearted and uplifting.

Our illustrations will be in A5 size in a postcard format that shows the perception on one side and the reality on the other, therefore out tutors have decided on a set colour palette to keep the images in harmony to the viewer.  I will colour the images using photoshop.

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