Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Learning Curve

I recently had my assessment tutorial for the 'Dialogue Ignites Change' module.  My grade reflected the work I did for Gay Straight Alliance and Map of my Weekend projects.

The first project 'Map of my Weekend' was right up my street as I had the freedom to play, explore and make which is when I am most productive and feel that I am being myself, without restrictions and taking risks!.

However the Gay Straight Alliance project was a different story.  If I am honest with myself I found the brief very challenging and difficult.  I feel that I found the subject matter tough also, I really felt like I was focusing so much on pleasing that I compromised my visual style, which hindered my outcome and level of work. 

Initially I saw this as a negative, being the perfectionist that I am, however my tutor reassured my that this isn't a negative it's a strength to be able to identify that my work is located best in it's own content and that I am more of a author-strator and respond best to wide open briefs with space for freedom and risk tasking, briefs such as 'Sinbad' and 'Invented Persona' were a joy and felt very 'me'.

Looking back I am glad that I have had a difficult brief as it's made me realise the things I like to do and what I do best and the briefs that maybe don't fit my style/way of working!.

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