Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Art Therapy Placement - What to expect ?

Last week we were informed of a great opportunity to volunteer within the Occupational Health department under the NHS and work on a Art Therapy placement that would be for a few hours each week, that's all I know about it so far.

Art Therapy really interests me as I also use Art as a therapy myself as well as it being something I love.  I have also worked as a Caseworker in the Welfare to Work sector, and although it wasn't from a creative aspect, it involved working with people and supporting them to overcome emotional hurdles and challenges etc, it also involved understanding and connecting to individuals and I connected my experience from that role to this placement as being of some relevance and obviously I love art and all things creative.

I don't know what to expect yet but I am excited to find out.  I will be meeting with the Manager and some other students on Friday to find out more about the opportunity.

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