Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Discussion Forum 25th January

We have started the Discussion Forums again and the other week the group talked about the differences in personal and commissioned Illustration work.

There was a mixed bag of opinions, for Example Matthew Richardson said he liked his personal work compared to his commissioned work.  Other Illustrators thought there was no difference between personal and commissioned work.  Other Illustrators advised that they prefer a wide open brief with no restrictions but that they tend to set them self personal targets so that they have something to work to by a certain deadline.

 The discussion was then focused on myself and other students about our own opinions.  I prefer much more open briefs as I am a generator with ideas and like to keep producing work, I also feel able to take risks and be more playful, also I am more of an authorstrator as I prefer to create my own narrative from the characters and worlds etc.  I also feel when the brief is really strict it pushes me into a corner almost, this happened in the Gay Straight Alliance brief, I compromised my style and tried to please, but by doing so I was working in a way I never work and producing work I wasn't happy with and didn't feel comfortable doing ! - Definite learning curve.

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