Thursday, 7 February 2013

Vanessa Boer - Illustrator & Maker

I have not been having much luck lately trying to find a Illustrator-Maker type person who works in a variety of mediums, however today I stumbled across Vanessa Boer by chance, Her work is magical and tells of stories. She is currently located in Broklyn, NY, Vanessa is a great all rounder as she is an Illustrator, Maker and Collector who has her own shop on Etsy where she sells handmade things, prints, greeting cards etc, another string to her bow is how she creates props and sets for all kinds of events - This is something I am really drawn to myself.

I found her to be really inspiring how she markets herself as a 'Maker' too and not just an Illustrator.

Here is a link Vanessa Boer's website.

I really loved her website too, the navigation was really good and the 'Studio Tour' was a lovely insight into her visual world.

Some of Vanessa Boer's work...

Handmade Mobile

Handmade character

Vanessa Boer's Studio

Prop / Set Illustration for events

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