Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Just So much to do!

Last night I met with the lovely Sarah & Rowan who own the Just So Festival to obtain more information about the event and discuss ideas.  It was a great opportunity to meet them, there was a lot to talk about!....a few things we discussed was the activity I had in mind, materials, volunteers and how it would all fit in with Just So's theme of animal groups.

The activity I will be doing is 'Tribal Animals' where children and families can get together and decorate masks to wear in the parade on the last night of the festival, it will be dependant on which 'Animal Tribe' they belong to, there are six tribes in total which are the Fox's, Lions, Stags, Fishes, Frogs and Owls.

It's really exciting as I love mask masking, working with people and bringing art to life, and where else better to do it than Rhode Hall in Cheshire during August.  I have been allocated a medium sized marquee in the forest which adds to the magical feel of this event!.  I also have the freedom to decorate the area and create a visual tribal world so that people really connect with the activity.

It's now my task to prepare 800-900 animal masks, a list of materials, a few sets of hands and decoration/visual props to decorate the marquee.  It's going to be a little daunting, but all good fun and I'm sure it will be a great experience.

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