Thursday, 14 March 2013

Further Blue Peter Ideas...

The current project I am working on is the 'Here's one I made earlier' activity to be pitched to Blue Peter children's television series.  Since I began researching last week I have faced a few challenges with my selection of materials to use and they way in which they are put together, for example my original idea was 'Junk Puppets' and I bought lots of random DIY parts like screws and springs and began glue gunning! Big mistake though, as I didn't stop to think if the materials were accessible and also a glue gun is a big no no due to health and safety.

I have found it a little challenging making and thinking as a younger person would instead of doing my normal way.  I took a trip to the library and began thinking of alternative things I could make and that would be simple and fun! and so I set to work making a Theatre out of a cardboard box, I will also make 'Peg Puppets' that can be made later to interact with in the Theatre, and also a narrative sheet.

I have also been thinking of other options to make as alternatives.  I am going to make a Tiki Lodge with a Tiki Doll, A Monster and a Nature House with a Leaf Monster or Leaf Fairy, I feel all these things can be created from easily sourced materials from around the house and garden.

Here are some reference images I looked at.

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