Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mood and Memory brief

Over the Easter break I will be prioritising making a start on the final brief of the second year!. The brief is entitled 'Mood and Memory' and is very open in terms of response (which I love). Initially I was a little unsure how to respond, after speaking with my tutor I began to get lots of ideas. After listening to Gustav Holst's 'The Planets' which is mentioned in the brief, I thought about which planets and meanings stood out to me, I was instantly drawn to Uranus the Magician and Neptune the Mystic, Saturn the bringer of Old-Age and Mercury the Winged Messenger also interest me.

To start with I will begin a 'Sense of Place' and start to research various ideas. I may also explore the idea of visualising a person I wish I had met or a fictional character I remember meeting. Saturn (Old Age) stood out at me as I thought about a tale or story from memory, I may also consider creating a Invented Persona as a route.

I am also in the process of watching Jim Henson's 'Mirror Mask', It's already triggering of loads of crazy ideas!.

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