Saturday, 23 March 2013

Words of Wisdom (123)

As I approach the end of my second year I have been reflecting back over the last year and thinking about the best bits of advice that I  will take with me into my final year of my degree and beyond.

Firstly, one of my tutors who worked with us in the first year simply said ''work hard but enjoy it'' and it's always been on my mind.  I have always work hard on each brief, although I have never really seen it as work as I love what I am doing so much and really enjoy it.

I interviewed a Brooklyn based Illustrator who advised that as an Illustrator it's really important to try new styles, stretch and push yourself in different and unfamiliar directions as long as you stay true to yourself.  GSA brief was a prime example of this for me, I chose a brief with challenging subject matter for a challenge and a change, but I ended up changing and compromising my style to fit the brief.  I feel that it could have been a more successful outcome, had I explored new styles but kept it close to me and remained myself.  The GSA was still a great learning curve for me and I will bare it in mind on future projects.

I also spoke to Illustrator & Maker Vanessa Boer who gave me some very valuable advice about finding your own style in your work, she advised ''try to make as much work as you can....the more work you do, the more your own voice comes through''. Like others, I am always questioning about developing my own style, but I must admit compared to feeling lost in the first year, I am now starting to find my feet!.

Vanessa Boer also mentioned this ''There are so many talented people in our industry, it's the dedication and perseverance that will get you work.  You can make the most beautiful paintings but nobody is coming to find you, you need to get your work out into the world''.  I found this advice to be honest and true, I really think that being pro-active and seeking opportunities will help me as I progress into third year.

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