Sunday, 6 October 2013

Drawing from making in 3D

I have now made my characters for my current project about the horrors of cosmetic surgery which I am happy about how ever, like with all my previous projects, I seem to just hit a brick wall as I always see the 3D characters as the final point in the creative process, which in some ways it is but I am trying to push myself further beyond making and seeing as the finish line, so I have started experimenting drawing from what I make, I think this will be a really interesting take on the 3D stuff that I make.

So I have started with my Surgeon.

3D Model 'Surgeon'

Observational drawing the Surgeon using acrylic in
Drawing Surgeon from memory with eyes closed using acrylic ink and pen

I really like the last one and the lines and the distorted look, I found this exercise really useful for developing ideas further rather than just stopping after the point of making.  I aim to continue with this process and would then like to make from the drawings to continue the cycle.

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