Thursday, 24 October 2013

Research development - Self Directed Project

Since I last posted about my initial thoughts for the Self Directed project I have been busy researching and collating ideas into a sense of place book.  The below photographs show a few pages of my sketchbook, and the types of things I have been looking at such as bones, biology diagrams and Jan Svankmajer.

In addition I have also been looking for objects that I can use within my project and have been sourcing some intense music to fit within the context, in particular Beethoven!.  Another area of interest has been within the world of plastic surgery and how it is portrayed in Brazil, which was very surprising as surgeons are regarded as gods.

Below is a link to the article I read, It's a really fascinating article by the New York Times and a gritty subject context for my project:

'A Philosophy' of Plastic Surgery in Brazil.

Sketchbook exploration

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