Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Self Directed Project Research: Joseph Cornell

I have been looking at the wonderful book entitled: Joseph Cornell / Master of Dreams.  I looked at his worked very briefly in my first year but didn't really appreciate it as much as I do now, especially as I have discovered more about the strong themes within my work, looking at the themes in his work I was intrigued to explore his wok further, which will also form part of me research for my journal writing.

The themes he explores in his work are memory, dreams, surrealism and mystery.  These are all things that appear in my work and make me curious as an illustrator.

''A poetic theatre of memory'' quotes Diane Waldman, this quote is beautiful and it definitely captures what his work is about.  Joseph Cornell uses found objects, vintage paper cuttings and small oddities in his work to create shadow boxes that tell a narrative, meaning or sometimes they are just mystical and it's up to the viewer to apply their own perception and meaning, again this has a resonance with myself, how I want to make work, how I create work and the themes I desire to explore in my own work.

Cornell's attitude towards the world around him is that the ''universe acts as a mirror of mysterious truths'' - some which he portrays in his box constructions. (p.13)

Box Construction - Soap Bubble Set (1936)
Box Construction: Medici Princess (1948)
Box Construction: Pharmacy (1943)
Click here to see more of his work.
I just loose myself in his work, there is so much to look at, it really inspires me to think where every little piece was found, they all have little stories to tell.  For my current project I am showing the Surgeon's hidden personality and traits through objects and the things he owns and uses to preserve elements of his fascination, Pharmacy (above) is a great point of reference for ideas on how I can make, the look and feel of the work fit really well with the old/worn and vintage feel I like to use in my work and the above box constructions are so rich in narrative and have a mystery to them.

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