Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Portfolio Review (2) - My Guru Sam, Art Department Assistant (Film & T.V)

I was really happy to gain feedback from Sam my Guru last night, Sam did the same course as me and started working as a Art Department Assistant during her final year, I find her a real inspiration to talk to, she has so much drive and ambition and I really admire that in her. 

Sam's feedback on my work that I emailed to her was;

-Your work is very unique and an absolute pleasure to view.

-She advised me to not be too worried about being different to from other illustrators, as this was a concern to me and that my independent approach makes my work exciting and exotic. I never thought of my work as exotic, which was nice to hear, may be reference to use of colourful flowers in some of my collages.

-She personally really likes my work and felt my strongest image (visually) was Bohemian Deer that is the only personal piece of work in my portfolio, so it was interesting that she most drawn to that image, she also advised to maybe add a texture like pencil crayon in some of the areas  so you can enhance your application and personal style - Which is something I know I want to work on and a very valuable point.

-Sam mentioned that I seem to work well with 3D and enjoy it, she encouraged me to incorporate this with collage work by mounting some of my collages on to card and layering them scenically.

- I could use a photo montage of the props I have been working with and then adding in my own collage work as a thought.

-keep going and remember to totally enjoy being yourself and this part of your journey.

This was all reassuring and valuable feedback and I will be exploring some of the points on adding texture and also combining 3D with my collage work.  It has sparked lots of ideas for the Major Project already!

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