Sunday, 15 December 2013

Revisiting Hopes, Fears & Opportunities

At the beginning of this semester I set the following objectives to complete, as the semester draws to a close it's time for me to review my progress and reflect on my thoughts so far.

My objectives were:

1 - I am aim to complete a work experience placement in a prop house

2 - I want to have completed  portfolio visits

3 - I would like to gain a better idea of a theme/subject matter for my FMP through writing my journal & presentation

Below is an update on each of the objectives that I set.

1.  Since September I have been on placement within a Prop House in Manchester (Scene Doc) who supply to film and T.V both locally and nationally. My placement has been a great opportunity and valuable experience to work alongside industry professionals, meet people who work in the industry as art department assistants, meeting clients and also gain a greater knowledge of historical context of objects, learning about new objects and has been a interesting experience overall.  The placement is still on going and I will be going to London in the new year to work voluntary with their sister company down there.  I really hope to keep going with this placement and would love to gain some experience shadowing an art department assistant in the future.

2. My first portfolio visit was with Manager at Scene Doc and my second portfolio review will be conducted by email with my Guru Sam.  The feedback I have received has been really useful and helpful and it's great to gain feedback from a wide variety of industry professionals.  As my portfolio is work in progress I hope to fine tune it by next semester and be in contact with more working illustrators /animators in the next semester.

3. Writing my journal has been a journey of discovery and such a valuable experience as I feel it's really helped me to identify core themes in my work and to connect all my interests and influences into my work.  I feel a bit more clearer on what I am passionate about and why I create work the way I do.  It's also been great to link back to my childhood/younger years and figure out why it is I like certain things, for example I always loved Surrealism from being 14 but I never knew why, and writing my journal has helped with that.  We are due to be briefed on our major project next week and I am already thinking about ideas and themes. Without writing my journal I think I would not be as clearer as I feel now.

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