Thursday, 5 December 2013

Self Directed Projects - Objects of desire.

Below are some photos of the things I have made for the continuation of the 'Moral Consequences' brief entitled 'Inside a surgeon's mind'.  For this part of the brief I want to explore the idea of obsession and control that can be influenced by one's childhood and life experiences and how they behave towards others and liven their lives.  My story is purely fictional and is based on a Surgeon who is fascinated with a 50s pin up model called Sophia Van Mere.  The surgeon (Dr Waterworth) becomes fascinated with Sophia and is obsessed to the point that he eventually controls her by offering free plastic surgery to assist Sophia with enhancing her career and helping her achieve her constant strive for perfection and to be beautiful, but by doing so his obsession with creating the 'perfect' female form turns obsessive and he manipulates and plays mind games with her into having constant surgery until she becomes so altered that she appears 'monster' like.

The key influences for my project are connected to Psychoanalysis, Aldous Huxley's questioning of what is perceived as reality / normal and also Quay Brothers dark, atmospheric work that will be used to influenced how I use lighting, sound and shadow.  I have tried to recreate Dr Waterworth's secret desk where he obsesses over Sophia, plans future surgery, and writes manipulative letters to her.  I have also tried to recreate some objects that he would of had and also things that show his personality and emotional side such as Beethoven LP, a childhood drawing and a journal he makes as well as a few collages.

Below are few images of my progress.

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