Sunday, 8 December 2013

Portfolio Reflection.

Yesterday I selected several images for my A3 portfolio ready for visiting clients this semester.  I have kept a few older images in the portfolio but already there were images I wanted to remove as I feel my style and work has changed and some of the work I had in there didn't feel like me or reflected the mood of my work.

This time I have included some photography images of my 3D models and sets which I am really pleased with as last time it was lacking and didn't reflect how I like to make work.  I have included a few images from my own personal work which I feel now is more important to begin steering away from educational projects and more towards self directed/initiated projects and appear more professional, my portfolio is work in progress and I will more than likely update it next semester.

I also feel that I am starting to notice little things about the quality of my work, for example I like to make collages a lot and have noticed in some of my previous collages that some of the lines have not been cut out very clearly, obviously these are little things but it shows more when my work is enlarged to an A3 size for my portfolio, I just feel that I am starting to pay more attention to things like this and hopefully it will help me build a stronger portfolio.

I have used a simple A3 style portfolio for now and I look forward to investing in a more professional portfolio for the new year.  I have also been looking at portfolio boxes, I think this style may work for me as I could enclose a few of the objects I make when I attend client visits.

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