Monday, 9 December 2013

Portfolio Vistit (1) Loretta - Scene Doc Associates Prop House, Manchester

Today I sat down with Loretta who we work alongside with at Scene Doc Prop House which is where I am currently undertaking a placement.  I was a little nervous at first, as I wasn't sure if she would like my work, but it went really well and I feel like I have got over that initial hurdle of showing someone you don't really know your work.

Loretta said she really liked my work and that it was interesting, in particular my Surgeon model and collage I made for the Mood & Memory brief. The feedback I received was that seeing my finished designs in my portfolio was great, but she mentioned that she would of liked to have seen some originals as I guess the texture of the work is lost when it's scanned in and becomes very flat, she also mentioned that maybe seeing 1 or 2 images of my sketch book, that show a sense of place, original sketches or research would really fuel the final ideas so she could grasp a better understanding of what the work was intended for and also a bit more of it's context.

I thought this was a really valuable point made and maybe in future I will take a sketch book that reflects this so the client can see my thought process and ideas generation, another reason this could be vital is as a maker the stages of making a puppet or object go through so many stages, and again a client from this type of industry may want to see earlier stages of development.

I took on Loretta's points and was very grateful for the feedback, I also explained themes and ideas that I am passionate about and also explained that my portfolio is definitely a work in progress, and that I hope it does constantly change as it's great to see how your work is changing and developing all the time, even after graduation.

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