Monday, 9 December 2013

Talk by Ric Frankland, Fonder of dwelle - 03/12/13

I recently attended a talk held at university by Ric Frankland, founder of dwelle.

''The micro-home that the Manchester architects originally called a “shed” is a shed for living. It’s in response to today’s current economic climate where housing needs to be affordable and easily deliverable.

What has become apparent though since they have developed the concept, is that the design is actually appealing more to a market that aren’t feeling such hardship. The demand for home office...
s, garden studios, playrooms and guest accommodation is growing, and this offering is substantially different to the alternative designs available.

And so as the name “shed” became less appropriate for such a diverse range of micro-buildings, a new brand was created... dwelle.

By incorporating renewable energy systems into the building, it’s possible for the to achieve Zero Carbon status. The architects have included the same criteria they have set out for their Zero Carbon house (home:works). They have also been careful to design and specify internal fittings and finishes that contribute to their own “healthy home” requisite, to improve air quality, cleanliness and health and safety''.
Ric Frankland gave a really honest and interesting talk, documenting his journey and success, in addition he was very open and honest about when he has failed and things have gone wrong, which I found really refreshing to hear.  His talk was a true testament about never giving up, swallowing your pride at times and accepting mistakes - also taking risks.  He was very influential and inspiring and I admire his drive, passion and determination.
Further information on the very inspiring Ric Frankland and dwelle can be found following the links below:


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