Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Emma Reynolds Talk - Stockport College (Tuesday)

Emma Reynolds who is a Manchester based Illustrator came into college to give a talk on picture books, narrative structure and character design.  Emma Reynolds studied Illustration with animation and graduated in 2010, since then she has illustrated various children's picture books, designed characters and does work for Kilogramme Studios in Manchester.

Emma explained the process when planning a picture book, that minimal text is needed as the imagery communicates the meaning and the words are the characters dialogue, she discussed the use of hidden meanings and contradictions in the books, how to anchor the image.  Emma went through how to break down a story, how to visualise the story through colours, shapes and themes and how to design a character.

Emma also pointed out that it is really important to research and get to know your character as this will really shine through to the reader.  Being around other creative people in a shared studio is also important to keep positive and inspired and to attend Draw Northwest meet ups to meet like minded people!.

I really would like to create a picture book, but previously I felt overwhelmed by the idea, attending the talk today has really helped me understand the stages and important points to remember.  There was a lot I feel that I learnt from the talk.

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