Thursday, 6 March 2014

Jeff Keen - Video Inspiration

This is 'Flick Flack' by artist Jeff Keen, I was really drawn to the mixed media effect of the video, the use of colour and the way in which lots of different imagery and objects are pulled together by random but work in harmony in a chaotic kind of way, which reminds me of my own work!.  I had intended to create a full blown stop motion narrative as my final piece, but after conversations with my tutors I have realised that my stop motion skills and strong enough and time restrictions would affect the quality of my final piece.

When my tutor showed me Keen's video 'Flick Flack' it really shed some light on how I can bring my own work to life using simple techniques that are really effective, I also really like how Keen's use of the 'uncanny' fir perfectly with the feel and mood of his work and I think it would work well with the colourful, uncertain and randomness of elements within my own work.

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